What you Should Know about Repairing your Garage Door Opener

What you Should Know about Repairing your Garage Door Opener

garage-door-openerYour garage door should open at the touch of a button. Openers are designed to give you that convenience. There’s also the aspect of security, as they prevent anyone from entering without permission. Garage door openers can be specifically tuned to your house. They are great- until they malfunction. That’s when you seek repair service for garage door openers.

Damaged garage door openers cause all sorts of problems. The garage door may open or close at random times. That can be disturbing, especially when it happens when you’re not home. No one likes having to step out in the dark of night to fumble around trying to open the garage door. The built in automatic reverse may be damaged- and that can be hazardous to anyone from adults to small children and animals. Cases of brain damage, broken bones and death by suffocation have been reported. This is because people get crushed under the tremendous weight of the garage door- which can weigh over 400 pounds. The inbuilt reverse mechanism in the garage door opener should always be functioning optimally to detect pressure changes. Your opener should be working properly to ensure that it promptly opens and closes the door; and that it doesn’t accidentally close on your pet or a person.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Below are some of the common reported problems. Note that some repairs are easy (like switching remote batteries), while others are not so self evident. For the latter, you should seek professional repair service for garage door openers.

  • The garage doesn’t open or close with the remote control

If you use a remote to open the door, that may be the first place the repairman checks. Your remote may just need to be reprogrammed, or its batteries need to be changed.

What do you do when you notice a problem with the remote? First try moving closer to the door. It might not be working because you’re simply out of range. Also ensure that the motor unit’s antenna is hanging down. Check if the door functions with the wall switch. If it does, the issue is with the remote. Test the remote batteries. If neither works, contact your repair service for garage door openers to expound further.

  • The garage doesn’t operate with the wall switch.

Here, most likely the power source has been disrupted. You can check if the motor unit has been plugged in. In addition, take a look at the fuse or the circuit breaker.

  • The garage door won’t open

First check if the opener’s cord has been plugged into the working outlet. It may seem obvious, but a majority of electric garage doors fail to open simply because of that reason.

  • Dirty sensors

How clean are the sensors’ eyes? When they get dust, it may block the signal responsible for turning on the motor. Here you just have to clan the eye of the sensor.

Before the professionals come over to fix your garage door opener problem, pull the red release cord. It will free the door so that you can open and close it manually. Some doors don’t have the red release cord- they have a spring-loaded clip and others a handle. There are those you’ll need to unbolt the arm between the opener and the door. It is recommended that you operate the door manually until you get the opener fixed to prevent any accidents.

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Tip on how to find the best plus size garage door repair proffesional in Greensboro North Carolina

garage-door-maintenance2You garage is one of the most important places in your issue because it actually the home of your car and other important valuables. Unfortunately most people don’t see the value of the garage and a result they often neglect taking good care of them. One important thing that you need to take good care of is your garage door. A strong and efficient garage door will not only keep your car and other important valuable safe but will also increase the sales value of your house. As a result, it is important to always ensure that you garage door is in good shape. In this article we are going to give you tips on factors to consider when choosing a plus size garage door repair specialist in Greensboro North Carolina.

  1. Consider experience.

Your gorge door is very important as it helps to keep your car safe. It is therefore very important to choose a plus size garage door repair specialist who is well experienced on matter concerning the garage door. The more years that the specialist has been in this industry the greater the chances of getting quality services. Experts recommend at you should actually choose a garage door professional who has more than 5 years’ experience if you want to be sure that you will actually get quality services.

  1. Consider if he has the right skills.

Does the garage door professional has the right skills that can enable him execute his work well? Ensure that you hire a pus size garage door repair specialist who has gone through the right training and knows exactly what he is doing. Before you hire the services of the garage door specialist, you should make an effort of asking him to present you papers that certifies that he is indeed a garage door repair professional. He must be able to identify the problem at hand first and quickly provide long lasting solution to the problem.

  1. Consider if he has the right tools. 

It is very difficult repair garage doors if you don’t have the right tools of work. It is therefore very important to first consider if the garage door specialist has the right tools of work before you hire his service. The professional should have garage door repair tools that uses the latest technology and those that are able to deliver quality results. In addition, he must have the skills to use the tool so as to give the best result to the client.

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How to go about Buying an Automatic Garage Door Opener

garage-door7When your garage door opens with the ease of a button, it can make your life a whole lot more convenient. You can avoid having to get out of your car to open them manually in inclement weather. You can invite guests to park in your garage with the click of an indoor button or avoid throwing out your back every time you leave the door open or close it. It can also add to the safety and security of your home. When thinking about converting your current garage doors or looking at new installation solutions here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for Garage Door Openers in Tucson.

Contact for Garage Door Service in Tucson AZ:
A1 Garage Door Repair Service Tucson
Tucson, AZ
(520) 342-5242

Power to Function
Although garage door openers operate as a basic function, you will need to ensure that you have the power necessary for it to function well. Larger doors will need more power than smaller ones. You can research what your home will need based on the size and approximate weight of your current garage doors.

Security & Safety
You will need to make sure that your garage door is secure to avoid break-ins and theft. Make sure you choose a brand that is known for its safety. Installing a system where it only operates by keypad or remote can increase security. You can program your own key code in order to maintain complete security and control over your system. It’s also great if you have kids. Garage doors can be particularly dangerous for small children. If they can’t open or close the door and get into trouble, you will have less risk for injury. Most installers recommend that you periodically change your key code to ensure a secure home. There are also other safety features you can look into. In the event that you, your car, or a guest goes under the door as it’s being operated, you can invest in a system that recognizes movement and stops before damage or injury occurs.

Most people invest in this type of technology for a garage door because of the convenience of a remote. Having a remote make it easy to simply press a button and drive in or out of your garage easily. You avoid getting out of your car when it’s raining or snowing. Most remotes are fairly simple in design, usually featuring two buttons: one to open the door and one to close it. You may also have an emergency button to stop the door to avoid accident or injury. They are small and easily clip to a visor or fit in a small compartment on or by your dash. Although these remotes do last a fairly long time, you might consider having a backup battery set in your car so that you can always get in and out easily.

Those are the essential features to consider when buying Garage Door Openers in Tucson AZ in addition to the initial cost of purchase as well as maintenance cost. Cheap is not always The best choice although premium charge equally does not translate to durability. But a good Garage Door Openers Tucson, Maintains a good balance between these trade-offs.

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Hiring The Most Reliable Garage Door Company In Your Area Is Simpler Than You Think

garage-door6Due to the fact that they are the largest moving part of your home, it’s easy to realize that sooner or later you’re going to have to repair your garage doors. When the time comes though, you shouldn’t rush into hiring the first company you stumble upon online, but actually take the time to do some serious research first.

Get in touch with several companies

It’s imperative that you don’t hire the first company you find online or hear about from one of your friends or coworkers, since there may always be a better one you can consider. For instance, you may have heard that company X has great services, but it could be that Pro Garage Door Repair Tulsa OK may offer higher quality services at more affordable prices. Don’t be afraid to ask companies for price estimates as well and regardless of how convincing they may sound over the phone, don’t take a decision until you have a general idea of the average service quality and pricing in your area.

The services they offer

While some companies will only offer garage door replacements, others may also offer garage door repairs. The truth though is that a reliable company will not only offer repairs, but also have maintenance and installations services available, too. Therefore, regardless of what problems your garage doors have, they are certainly going to be able to fix them.

Did they fix the root of the problem or the symptom?

Last but not least, a reliable company is one that will fix the roof of your problem and not the symptoms. To learn more about its reputation and quality of services, you should certainly start looking for online reviews that others who have hired them posted. If the majority of them are positive, then you’re in luck and can go ahead and hire them to repair your garage doors. If not, well, then you just have to keep on searching for a better one.

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Garage Temperature Control Tips for an Easier Cleaning

The only room that always get exempted from regular cleaning is the garage of the house. The probable reason behind this is extreme temperatures that keep you off from taking the work. But keeping your garage clean is as important as cleaning your house. Without regular cleaning you may start accumulating useless things that clutter the area and makes cleaning even more difficult. Here are a few tips on how to keep your garage clean without letting the temperatures procrastinate the work. These tips are brought to you by the garage door repair professionals in Cleveland OH.


During hot weathers, the intolerable heat may keep you from cleaning the garage. As a result, there is more deposition of oil and grease in the garage floor. Regular cleaning during favorable temperature may reduce your work during hot summers in cleaning the floor extensively. The first thing to do before you start to clean your garage in the scorching heat is to open up the garage door an hour before you start your work. Generally, the heat gets trapped under the shed of a garage as it is not able to find an exit. Opening the door will help with air circulation and reduce the temperature of the garage to some extent.

Another way to reduce the temperature of your garage for a comfortable cleaning is to invest in some electric fans that will help the air to circulate effectively and bring down the temperatures. When combined with ventilation fans or exhaust fans, the electric fans may work faster in cooling down your garage room. Air conditioning may also be done with a portable air condition or you may invest in installing an air conditioner to your garage if it is permitted in your area.

During cold weathers, it is comparatively easier for anyone to clean up the garage as you may gear up with warm clothes as a cost saving option. The garage may also become too cold in winters with improper insulation; therefore, it is important to insulate your garage so that the chilled air does not get in. A portable electric heater placed in the room may bring comfort and help you with the cleaning work. But make sure you insulate the garage before using the heater for an effective heating. It is important not to leave a heater unattended in your garage to avoid any fires.

If your garage is attached with your house, you may also use the heating system of your home to bring up the temperature and make work easier. Turn on the home heating system and open the door that attaches your garage with your home an hour before you start working. It will help in reducing the frostiness of the room.

Regular cleaning will not only keep your garage free from clutter but also make the work easier for the next cleaning schedule. Extreme temperatures may let your from the cleaning tasks but the above tips will surely help you to maintain a comfortable temperature during long hours of cleaning and keep your garage well maintained.

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